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AI and Interior Design!

I've recently started using AI for interior design. I have been blown away with how easy it makes experimenting with different styles and how it can offer some really unique ideas and solutions to different design issues you might run into in homes. I've been especially, very pleasantly surprised with how much of a time saver it is exploring different styles and offering clients a quick way to zero in on their likes and dislikes.

With all the good that AI offers for interior design there are also some down sides that are very important to make sure your clients understand. The rooms that AI generates are not actual rooms and sometimes parts of those rooms are not fully developed if you look closely. AI also doesn't take into account actual measurements and sometimes even though something looks great in a picture the actual measurements of the space won't work in real life. Also, the products, like furniture, decor, art, flooring and lighting in the pictures AI generates are not actual products you can purchase which sometimes can be frustrating.

With all of that being said though AI is a fantastic tool to use for inspiration for interior design, and to give an idea of what different styles might look like in a specific room. I took the study I designed with assistance from AI below and made a mood board that can help achieve the look in real life.

I feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg with AI in Interior Design. I'm so excited to see what the future holds as they develop AI further. I would love it if eventually you can shop the actual products used in the images AI creates and if you could add actual measurements of spaces as well. I'm sure many more exciting developments are in the works, and I look forward to seeing what the future of AI in interior design holds.

In the meantime, enjoy all the eye candy I'll be dreaming up with AI's assistance!

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams SW 9142

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Lindsey Moulton
Lindsey Moulton
15 aug. 2023

Super excited to try this moody Moscow Midnight paint color. The cognac couch looks super rich against it. Just love this look!

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