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Back to School

I'm not sure when school starts back up where you live but here in Indy for quite a few schools it starts in less than two weeks. I think every year it starts earlier and earlier, and summer break flies by faster and faster. Even though we have 2 solid months of summer weather left, back to school time always feels like the beginning of fall to me. That's probably because way back when I started school we started after Labor Day which is almost the beginning of fall and that has stuck with me through the years. School starting earlier every year has led to me starting to decorate for fall and Halloween way earlier than I probably should in recent years. That means you will start to see fall decor and Halloween posts on here soon, very, very soon.

Anyways, enough rambling. I put together a fun little back to school post, with some study area decor ideas and some cute back-to-school accessories.

I hope everybody has a great school year!

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