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Christmas Decorating Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

While I love decorating for the holidays, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. It can definitely be a stressful time of year for some people and adding decorating on top of gift giving, cooking, and all the other crazy busyness this time of year brings can just add to the pressure. I've put together some Christmas decorating tips to make it a little easier to deck your halls this holiday season. Hopefully it can help to break down decorating for the holidays into easier more manageable steps.

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Have a Plan

Start with a plan. Decide on a style of decor and a color scheme that you like and stay consistent with it throughout your space. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I totally think it's ok to use different color schemes of Christmas decor in spaces that aren't attached and can't be seen from one room to another. On my main floor I keep all my Christmas decor consistent, it all matches, it all goes together. However, upstairs, in our loft which is my kids play area that you can't see from my main floor, it's totally different. It's really bright and colorful and fun Christmas decor, and really fitting for that space. All the spaces you can see need to have consistent, matching decor.

That consistency needs to be carried through to the type of greenery in that space. If your tree is green your garland and wreaths also need to be green. If your tree is flocked your garland and wreaths should also be flocked.

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Before you put any of your Christmas decor out, declutter your space. Wherever you are going to place your tree, remove whatever is in that area before you place your tree there and put it in storage or get it ready to put it into storage. Wherever you store your tree, store that item where you store your tree while your tree is up for the holidays. The same goes for all of your other holiday decor, garlands, nativity sets, holiday art, pillows, etc. If you don't declutter your space, it will look really overwhelming and overdone. You can store all of the decor you are putting away for the holidays in your Christmas totes, and just swap them out again after the holidays are over.

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Fluff! Don't Forget To Fluff!

This is really important, and way too many people forget to do it. It makes a really, really huge difference. After you put your tree up do not forget to fluff the branches. After being stored all year the branches get smashed down, they need to be pulled apart to make the tree appear fuller. If they are not pulled apart or "fluffed" you will see straight through the tree in many different places. It will have holes from top to bottom. The same goes for garlands and wreaths they will all need to be pulled apart and fluffed.

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Luxe Looking Decor

A trick to getting a luxe looking decorated Christmas tree for less is by using a couple of different sizes and textures of ball ornaments and ribbons throughout. It doesn't have to be overcomplicated, expensive, and time consuming with several different types of ornaments, picks, garlands, etc. At the bottom of this post, I will link some really great cost-effective ornament and ribbon options for a luxe looking tree. There are several ways to incorporate ribbon into a tree, you can loop it through the tree, you can knot it like I did here, you can tie it in bows, the possibilities are endless.

Let me know some of your favorite tried and true Do's and Don'ts in the comments!

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