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Copper & Gold Christmas Tree

Here is the second tree in my line up for this year! Copper, gold, and cream is the color scheme I decided on for this one and I love how it turned out. The colors are really luxe and rich, but the tinsel I added keeps the tree looking a little whimsical and adds some nostalgia to the look.

This is the same 7.5' tree (currently sold out, I linked the 6.5') I used for the last post, but I decided to lightly flock it this time around. This particular tree also comes in several other sizes and is a great value for the price. We've had it for 3 years and it's holding up great. I only used one can of flocking to get this look. I had never flocked a Christmas tree until I did this one. It was super easy, and just a little messy. I laid an old sheet around the base of the tree to catch any of the loose flocking, shook out the sheet in the trash when I was done and vacuumed up any that fell on the carpet. I waited a few hours until the flocking dried then decorated the tree.

I reused a few of the same ornaments that I used from the red and white tree but definitely added several new copper and gold ones that are really beautiful, and some really sweet little gold stars. I have been waiting to use tinsel for a few years, and this was the tree for me to use it on! I never felt like it would look quite right on some of my other trees, but I really love the look of it on this tree. When I was little, I always wanted to use tinsel to decorate at Christmas and my mom would always so no because it was way too messy. I will say my mom was right, tinsel is super messy! I've been finding it all over my house, and even though it requires a little extra cleaning I still think it's worth it!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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1 Comment

Nov 03, 2023

Ready for the holidays!! 🎄 I love the copper and gold look! Its festive and classy at the same time!

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