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Lighting-Room Jewelry!

Around here we call lighting room jewelry. It can enhance the mood, style, and ambiance of any space. It can really set a room off or make it kind of just meh.....not so exciting. Decorative lighting can be used to create focal points, highlight architectural features, or just add some sparkle and glamour to a room. I have rounded up some of my recent favorite lighting, and there is ALOT of great lighting out there right now!

One of my favorite Instagram follows for lighting inspiration is M&M Lighting out of Houston Texas If you don't live in the Houston area they have a stunning selection of lighting you can shop on their website. They post a ton of great design inspiration and absolutely beautiful lighting on their Instagram account. Give them a follow if you are looking for some great lighting ideas!

Scroll down to shop some of my recent favorites I found on their website. Comment below which lighting are your favorites!

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1 Comment

Lindsey Moulton
Lindsey Moulton
Sep 09, 2023

Love lighting, can never get enough of it! M&M doesn’t disappoint!!

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