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Primary Bath

I came across this wallpaper a while back and saved it knowing I would want to use it on a project eventually. It's stunning, the colors are on trend with the darker and moodier colors that are currently popular, and at the same time it's a classic that will never go out of style. The texture of the glass beads lends an almost dreamy quality when you look at it. It has such a rich beautiful look that I thought it would be perfect for a primary bath.

I chose a darker wood colored vanity to add to the richness of the look and also warm up the room, but I brightened it up with polished nickel mirrors and light fixtures. Along with the polished nickel you will notice that there are touches of brass in the mirrors, vanity hardware, and faucets, this helps warm up the space. Mixing metals also helps in adding interest to the space.

Mixing metals in design is a whole blog post topic that I will be covering. Look for that post coming soon!

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1 Comment

Lindsey Moulton
Lindsey Moulton
Jul 24, 2023

Love this primary bath!!! It is so rich looking, yet not overly done...still accessible if you will. The classic wallpaper paired with contemporaryand traditional pieces really sets it apart as something unexpected. Well done!!

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