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Kids Bedrooms: Boys

I love when kid's rooms are decorated in a timeless way that grows with the child and never feels like the child will outgrow the decor. Opting for age neutral elements like versatile furniture, paint, and wallpaper that transcends trends is key. Age neutral elements, anchor the room in a style that suits any age.

A clever cost-effective way to infuse the room with a youthful energy at various stages is to change out the artwork. This is a simple update that keeps the room feeling fresh and new through the years without a complete overhaul in all of the room's decor.

In the mood board I curated below, the wallpaper, light fixture, bed, nightstand, and area rug are all neutral enough to be used in a child's bedroom and a highschooler's bedroom. In addition to the mood board, I included a collection with a variety of playful artwork options that can be tailored to the evolving tastes of a growing child, ensuring the space remains engaging and age-appropriate from childhood to adolescence.

Light Fixture, Nightstand, Chair (fabric-Parkton Indigo)

I also created a couple of AI Assisted Designs below based off of the above mood board.

AI Assisted Design: Arlington Avenue Design

AI Assisted Design: Arlington Avenue Design

Shop Children's art:

Shop art for as they grow:

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