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Modern Rustic

Updated: Jan 22

Modern Rustic is one of the major design trends that is still going strong and carrying into 2024. "Modern Rustic" is very much an oxymoron, but the style is exactly that, a combination of refined touches with less sophisticated elements that make this style feel so inviting and comfortable. Modern Rustic style typically combines more traditional, natural, cozy, elements such as warm woods and textures with cleaner modern finishes and color pallets. Often times it will incorporate organic elements such as curved cabinetry and natural stones. It's a style that prioritizes comfort and livability while still feeling modern and on trend.

I've designed some AI Assisted Modern Rustic main living areas below with Get the Look mood boards to go along with them. Let me know in the comments which room is your favorite!

AI Assisted Design: Arlington Avenue Design

AI Assisted Design: Arlington Avenue Design

AI Assisted Design: Arlington Avenue Design

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