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Moody Blues

I tend to lean towards blues quite a bit in design. I'm not bias to any one blue in particular, I seem to love all shades. Recently we used Sherwin Williams Whirlpool SW 9135 in the office of a recent design project, and it was moody and beautiful. Here is a living room mood board with Whirlpool as the wall color with some great decorating options to go along with it.

Home Staging and photos by Lindsey Moulton with The Eclectic Chameleon

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Moody Blue is a perfect color for creating a cozy, elegant, and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. Whether you choose a deep navy, a rich indigo, or a soft slate, moody blues can add depth drama and contrast to any space to any room.

Below are some pictures of the office we used Whirlpool in as well.



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