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Dramatic Dining Room

When I'm designing a room I typically will find one element such as a color, a certain piece of art, a rug, or a wallpaper that I fall in love with and design the rest of the room around that element. In this case it was the wallpaper. I came across this wallpaper on Etsy and fell completely in love with it. I decided to design a dark and dramatic dining room around it. I think this wallpaper used in a half bath or powder bath to make a big statement would be really beautiful as well.

Since the wallpaper, paint colors, and art work are darker I decided to balance the room out with lighter colored furniture. The dining table and sideboard really stand out against the darker richer colors around the space and round out the sophisticated feel of the room.

Paint Colors:

Sherwin Williams- Intense Teal SW 6943

Sherwin Williams- Endless Sea SW 9150

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2 comentarios

Lindsey Moulton
Lindsey Moulton
30 jun 2023

The Dramatic Dining Room is gorgeous! I bought the Wall Art. I am going to figure out how to get a wraparound canvas and one in a smaller frame. I LOVE the entire look. Now to find a room to put it in!!! 🥰

Me gusta
30 jun 2023
Contestando a

Can’t wait to see how you use the art!

Me gusta
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